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Business Sectors:
Our team has delivered a diverse range of products to a broad spectrum of industries. As a result, we have vast experience and knowledge to deliver specialized requirements to the following business sectors:


Oil & Gas
Whether you are involved in Oil Production, Drilling, Petrochemical or Gas Production, we can help you source your requirements at the best prices and shortest delivery lead-time. Our products portfolio includes the following:
Oil Field Supplies:
Drilling rigs, Casing, Drill pipe, Tubing, Drill collars, Down-hole Tools, Drilling Mud & Chemicals, Cement & Additives, Servicing Lubricants, Casing Fittings, Finishing Tools, Drilling Jars and Service Parts etc. Plates, Pipes and Tubes:
All grades of Carbon Steel and SS plates. Galvanized, Stainless and High Alloy Steel Pipes. Aluminum, Brass and Copper Alloys Pipes. PVC, Fiber Glass and Ductile Iron Pipes. Heat Exchanger and Boiler Tubes etc.

Piping Material:
Valves of all types and specifications. Flanges, Pipe Fittings of all types and specification, Cathodic protection Systems, Insulation Sets, Gasket, Scraper Traps, Filters, Strainers, Hoses, Engineered Pipe Hangers, etc.

Mechanical Equipment:
Pumps, Motors, Compressors, Gas Turbines, Generating Sets, Diesel Engines, spares and replacement parts for aforesaid components, Mechanical seals, Bearing, Geared Coupling and Static equipment like pressure vessel, Reactors, Heat exchangers and Separators.


High Voltage and Low Voltage cable, Transformers, Switch Gears Panels and replacement units of switchgears, Electric Motors, Industrial lighting fixtures and fittings. Armature winding wire and other bulk electrical accessories etc.

Control Panels, Control Valves, Transmitters, Pressure Switch, Thermocouples, Sensors, Analyzers, Telecommunication Equipment etc.

Miscellaneous Items:
Ceramics and Refractory, Industrial Chemicals and Additives, Catalysts.

Agriculture & Farming
For centuries, agriculture has been the basis on which humans have been able to sustain and enhance life conditions. We realize the strategic importance of this sector and accordingly developed our sourcing capabilities to support our clients’ needs. We regularly source and supply the following products:
• Agriculture Tyres and Tubes
• Commercial Vehicle Tyres and Tubes
• Diesel Generator Sets and related spares
• Irrigation Equipment including Pipes, fittings, hoses and sprinkles
• Welding Machines and Electrodes
• Boiler Equipment and related spares
• Weighbridges and Weighing Scales
• Industrial Lubricants and Oils
• Industrial Fork Lifts, Cranes and Spares
• Pumps and Motors
• Earth Moving and Ground Support Equipment and Spares
• Hydraulic Equipment
• Instrumentation and Measuring equipment
• Laboratory Chemicals
• Water Treatment Chemicals
• Domestic and Bulk Water Meters
• Water Reservoir Tanks
Power & Energy
Excalibur Global is a major supplier of a wide array of parts and repairs for the Power Generation industry. Our product categories include:
• Power Cables and Conductors
• Power Transformers
• Distribution Transformers
• HT-Automatic Voltage Regulators
• Automatic Power Factor Controller
• Circuit Breakers
• Overhead Line Accessories
• PLC Units
• Transformers, Switchgear and Oil
• Generators and related Spares
• Industrial Batteries and Charger Systems
• Fuses, Fuse Cut Outs and Fuse Links
• Energy and Electricity Meters
• Protection Relays
IT & Telecommunication
Excalibur Global has an extensive portfolio of high quality products for the telecom sector, which includes the following:
• Computers, Hardware, Software
• PC’s and Tablets
• Networking Cables and Components
• Data Storage
• Printers, Copiers and Toners
• Networking – Routers and Switches
• TV, Monitors and Projectors
• UPS System
• Mobile and Landline Handsets
• Office Equipment and Stationery
Food & Beverage
With real-time market intelligence resources and subject-matter experts on staff, Excalibur Global adds unprecedented buying power and resources to a food and beverage manufacturers' sourcing and procurement process. We understand the distinct needs and challenges faced by food and beverage manufacturers to properly manage and maintain suppliers. We will work with you to produce hard-dollar savings and improve operational efficiency all while ensuring product quality and consistency. Our product categories include:
• Pulses
• Frozen Poultry
• Rice
• Edible Oils
• Food Ingredients & Additives
• Flavors
• Milk powder
Industrial Chemicals & Polymers
Our sourcing team has more than long experience in successfully sourcing a variety of chemical products across hundreds of categories for our clients in the manufacturing, agricultural and food manufacturing industries. This includes many chemical-related categories, such as:
• Polymers
• Bulk Petrochemicals & Intermediates
• Inorganic Industrial Chemicals
• Organic Industrial Chemicals
• Solvents
• Fertilizers
• Flavors
• Specialty Chemicals and Enzymes
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